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How To Root Most Of The Android Phones Easily.

Hello guys,
As far as we know Android is open source Operating System. So it actually gives us lot of freedom to customize it. But we can do
that only when our phone has root access. If we have root access we can do various types of customization with our phone like flashing custom roms like miui etc. You may have read about how to root Android phone on net. But many of you guys have found it like rocket science nd blah blah blah.. 
So today I am gonna tell you the most easiest way to root your phone using app called framaroot.apk. This an app so you no longer required pc to root your phone using some pc apps like Vroot.
The Framaroot is one of the most popular one touch root and unroot app. But the problem is that this app has support to some of the devices. It has support to most of the mediatek devices. So if you really wants to know whether it supports your device then you should visit the Framaroot official website. Check your device  there. If you find your device there then don't forget to note down the term exploit for your device which is one of the important thing which i'll discuss later.
Click Here to Check your device listing on Framaroot Website
So, now the steps required for rooting:
1. Once you check your device compatibility and exploit on website, download the latest version of Framaroot from here.(Link Source: xda.com)
2.After download, install and open the app. The app will look like as in pic.

3. After opening the app,You will find different different exploits there.
4. Now, In the app's dropdown menu select Install SuperSu.
5. Earlier i told you to note down the exploit for your phone, so now select the proper exploit from the options and click on it.
6. After clicking on proper exploit, A message will appear on screen similar to this :-
"Success ... Superuser and su binary installed.
7. After getting the above message you have to reboot your device. Once rebooted check for app name SuperSu in your applications. If you find the SuperSu application there in your app list then you have successfully rooted your device ☺☺☺.
8. But in case u don't get the above message after choosing the proper exploit then try other exploits.
9. And lastly if you failed to get the above message for any of the exploit or got any other message simply ignore them cause you will not able to use the app to root your phone.
If you wish to unroot ur phone go to Framaroot app select unroot from menu. That's all.
The method i have posted
its very simple and explained in deep. So I just hope thal you will understand it easily.
Precautions :
1. Do it at ur own risk.
2. Rooting will void ur phone's warranty.
Don't forget to say thanx if it works for you. Have any query comment below.
More stuffs are coming which will include customization of your phone.
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