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WhatsApp Voice-Calling feature now available for Android [Updated]

The WhatsApp Voice calling features is now rolling out to Android users. The new call feature will allow users to make call to their WhatsApp contact. This feature is similar to other popular instant messaging apps like Skype and Viber. To get this you have to update the app and get invite from friend by receiving a call.

To get the voice calling feature, Android users have to update the app to the latest version 2.11.528, and then find a friend who already has the feature, then ask to call you using WhatsApp. That is it, you will get the voice calling feature activated in your Android device.

If someone tries to call a user who has the older version of WhatsApp, the call receiver will get a message that the app needs to be updated.

Whats new in WhatsApp calling feature ? It adds a new tab called 'Calls' into the app window under which call history will be stored. It also features a 'call icon' on to of the chat window.

The WhatsApp version 2.11.528 supports the voice calling feature. This version is said to be buggy. For better experience, use the version 2.11.531 which is available in WhatsApp website.The WhatsApp calling feature works on Android KitKat and Lollipop. 

Download the version 2.11.531 from

[Update: 21/2/2015: WhatsApp has currently paused the roll out of calling feature. So you can call a person anymore to activate it. It has also rolled back the version from 2.11.531 to 2.11.527. We will update you here once the calling feature roll out again]

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