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Enable Whatsapp Calling On Your Android Smartphone Easily

The most awaited feature of Whatsapp has finally came and that is Whatsapp voice calling. There were users who were eager to avail this feature of Whatsapp and it has finally came. The latest voice calling feature has taken Whatsapp to another peak of success.

The Whatsapp voice calling is not different from Viber, Skype, Line or other services, but it has many more users than these. Therefore, there is a scope of using this feature by many users and many can interact with their circle using Whatsapp voice calling.

Additionally, there must be many users who are not very much acquaint with the process of enabling this on their Smartphones. Therefore, today we are going to make you learn that, “How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling on Smartphone?” You need to apply these simple steps and then you’ll be able to start making voice calls to your Whatsapp friends; however, remember that your friend must have enabled the voice calling too. You can only make calls using Whatsapp ones you have enabled the voice calling both sides.


So, here are the steps which are supposed to followed in order to enable Whatsapp voice calling on your Smartphones. The steps are quiet simple yet hidden and today these are going to be revealed for you guys here. Now, without taking your time more, I would request you to get towards the below piece of content in order to get this feature for your accounts too.
First of all, get the latest version of Whatsapp on your Phone. The latest version is Version 2.12.16, you can get it from Here.Ones it is downloaded then install it on your Phone and then it’ll automatically add the voice calling feature to your account.
Now, you need to go to your Contactsand find a friend who has enabled this feature already, then you’ll see a Callbutton there. Simply tap on it and start making voice calls.
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