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How To Download Torrents On Android Smartphone

If you’re fond of downloading Torrents on your home computer, there’s no reason why you can’t use them on your Android device too. Finding and downloading torrents on an Android device is easy–and best of all, free.  Be aware, though, that just because something is freely available via torrent does not mean that it is legally available. 
With torrent you can download lot of stuffs like movies, games etc. So today I'm goint to tell how you can download torrents on your Android.


1. First of all you need to have a torrent client aka app in your device in order to download torrents. There are lots of torrent clients are available on the play store for free.

2. But I will recommend you the best one which is "utorrent". So click here to download the utorrent from Play Store.

3. After download, It will install automatically. So keep the app installed.

4. Now open any of your phone's browser (I will suggest Chrome). In url box put the address kat.ph or click on it. Kickass torrents is very popular torrent site.

5. After clicking on it you will be redirected to Kickass torrents site. Now you will see no.of torrents there. So wisely select or search the torrent you want to download. (Hint: For best download performance, choose a torrent with a high number in the “Seeds” column.  Seeds are users who are sharing a given file in its entirety)

6. Click on the torrent that you want and a  respective torrent page will open. You will find info about torrent file there.

7. On that page you will see the option Download Torrent. Just tap on it. A popup window will occur on your screen asking you to open the app in diffrent apps. Here,  You have to select open with utorrent. That it!

8. Now in utorrent app, After few seconds a window will appear there you select the storage location where you want to save the file. So your are done! The downloading will start itself and you will get the speed  depending on your net plan.

It is best to download torrents over wifi.

I have described the steps in deep so go through it properly. If you found anything wrong or difficult please comment below.

I have attched the pictures below showing all the steps.
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Steps With Pictures:

Select or search torrent

Tap on Download Torrent

Open with utorrent

Click on Add

                  Download will start now!!!

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