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(Now In India) Download Facebook Lite Apk For Faster Facebook Experience

Couple of months back, Facebook had announced Facebook Lite App. This Lite app was basically targeted towards Slow internet connection Nations in Africa and Asia region. This app has every feature as compared to Original Facebook App except Location service. The emphasizing element of Facebook Lite is App size, Which is almost less than 1 Mb (435 KB).
Now the App has made officially available in India. 

The App is very fast and works seamlessly on even 2G Net connection. Unlike original Fb app it will not eat your app Internal App memory. The app size is very small as compared to original one(more than 30MB). It has push Notification feature. It also provides very neat and clean News Feed. Also it has inbuilt Messenger, So you don't need Messenger app any more. It will help you to update your status at ease.

Facebook Lite:
- Installs quickly — the app is less than 1 MB
- Works on all Android phones
- Uses less data
- Is designed for 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable connections

How To Download Facebook Lite Apk:-

1. Download Facebook Lite .
2. It will get Install Automatically.
3. Enjoy the fastest Facebook ever!!

So try it out yourself!! And comment below what you think. If your facing any issue while downloading and installing, Comment below.
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