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Download Microsoft's Cortana Beta Apk

You all might be aware of Personal Voice Assistance services like Google Now and Apple's Siri. Last year Microsoft Announced Their Own Voice Assistant to compete with Google and Apple called 'Cortana'. Cortana is currently available on Windows 8.1 Devices and will be pre-installed with more features on upcoming Windows 10.
It was announced that Cortana will be available on Android platform in July 15. Prior to that Cortana has been leaked as Beta version now.

Cortana, The digital virtual assistant can perform an array of tasks ranging from creating reminders to sending emails. It will track your flight details, packages, search for restaurants and will learn from your habits and preferences.
The leaked beta version of the Cortana Android app is still in beta and does not support all the functions right now. For starters like we have seen in Okay Google , it does not support “Hey Cortana” feature that is used to activate the assistant. In order to access Cortana for Android, you will need to have Microsoft Account and signing in brings any user directly into Microsoft’s Bing search engine over Google. Meanwhile, Cortana in India  also got updated with more categories of ‘interests’ like music, food, lifestyle and so on.

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