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(Execlusive) Hike Trick : Unlimited Data/Recharge Using Only 1 Mobile Number (Updated)

Here is another Loot offer from Omkartech to grab. This offer will let you earn Unlimited 2G/3G Internet Data for free. Offer is from Popular Instant Messaging App, Hike. Hike app  offer is giving us chance to Earn Free Mobile Data for referring friends. Offer will remain valid only till  30 September, 2015.
Hike Unlimited Trick 

Today Omkartech is glad to present our Execlusive Trick to get Unlimited Data/Recharge from Hike using only 1 Mobile No. We will tell also tell you, How to convert 100 mb data into Rs 50 Recharge.

Download Hike App and Get 40 Mb as Joining Bonus. Earn 100 Mb data for each Friend Referral. Do as more as referrals,Offer is valid till 30 September 2015. Within Half Hour you wil get Rs 500 Recharge. Its our promise because we have tested it.

How To Earn Data From Hike :-

2. Open the App and Enter your mobile number & verify.
40 Mb data will credited as sign up bonus [Only If you download from the above link]

3. Now click on Menu >> Rewards/Extras and choose 1st option Data Rewards. In Data Rewards you will see your Earned data as well as referred friends. Redemption option also will be there.

4. Click on menu button situated in top right side / click on MENU button of android phone and click on  INVITE FRIENDS

5. Copy your referral link & share with your friends. 100 Mb data will be added on every successful referral.

So, Just refer 1  friend and Redeem 100 Mb of Data for Free. Keep inviting & earn unlimited free internet on your mobile.

CAUTION :- Only For Educational Purpose, I will not be responsible for anything wrong happens to you.Try at your own risk though it is safe. 



1. 2 Phones. 1 should be rooted.
2. Wifi connection if possible.
3. Common sense.

1. Now at 1st open your Main account in 1st phone which is non rooted. Let's we call it Phone A.

2. Share your referral link in 2nd Phone which is rooted. Let's we call it Phone B.

3. Now install Titanium Backup Pro or Android Device Id Changer in Phone B. And change its device Id.

4. Download Hike Through your referral link and register in it using any New Number  which is not registered on Hike ever. You will see referral amount credited in your Main acc which is in Phone A.

5.  Please Verify OTP only using Call me option for every Verification ahed. This is must.

6. Again change your Android Device Id and Reboot. Download again through your referral link.

7. Here, This time You have to use the Phone No. Like below example. If my no is 1234567891.Then use,

Example : 001234567891 like that.
Again next time put 4 zeroes before no.
Example : 00001234567891

8. This is for 2 time only. Now for next time we have to use the following Digits before our no.
Examples: 91921234567891
Ans so on upto  9199

9. So you just have to put any 2 digits between 91 and your 10 digits no. You can put any no. Like 91061234567891.

Or else You can put any 2 digits before your no like 111234567891

Please only use Call me method while verifying OTP.

10. So this way by following 6 To 9 Steps you can earn unlimited data. If you do 10 referrals you will get 1000 Mb / 1Gb.

Now see below trick to convert your Data into Free Recharge. 1000 mb = Rs 500


1. After accumulating sufficient data you will be asked to redeem it. 

2. If you have 1000 mb data or any then go further for redemption. 

3. Main trick starts here, Now while redeeming your data, Choose Any Wrong Operator And Circle. And Proceed. 

4. Your Recharge will be failed due to wrong info provided.  Voila!!!  Now you will be promoted to do normal Recharge.

So this the easiest Trick for Hike ever and hope you will also find it easy. Just go through every steps carefully. Don't be greedy, Loot as much as sufficient. Trick may get patched, So hurry up!! 

If you have any query don't shy to mention in comments. Visit daily and support us by downloading our App.

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