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Oneclass.com : Get Free Amazon/PayPal Vouchers

OneClass - is a US based Website  which is similar to Courcekart site of india or even more enhanced. They Provides Free College Notes/Documents / Scholarships to students studying in various Colleges / Pay users for Uploading their Notes (Not For India At All). They will only operate in US, Canada and New Zealand But their Referral System is open for all and we can earn through it. With Oneclass we can earn lots of free PayPal Money and Amazon Gift Vouchers. 

Offer Details : 
1. Get 50 Points per Referral Sign Up.
2. No need to download any Apps.
3. Easier Payouts.

So lets come to the trick now. Refer your Friends and Earn PayPal, Amazon Gift Vouchers!! 

How To Get The Free PayPal/Amazon Vouchers :-

2. Now Simply Login with your Facebook ID / Google ID / Email. I will suggest using Email to hide your little bit identity.

3. Fill up any Random details of School or University and department. Also choose any random course. Don't ignore this steps they are important. 

4. Verify your email id to get 60 points instantly. 

Now You will be redirected to your Dashboard once your account gets Setup.You will get 60 points if you signed up using our referral link (Given Above).

Refer and Earn :-

There are many ways in this Site to earn Coins but all are just useless for us. Go for Refer and Earn Program. Where you will get 50 Coins for each friend you refer.

How to Get your Referral Link :-

2. In the top-left of the page you will see 3 horizontal bar menu icon, Click on it > You will get a Full menu including Invite and Gift Cards Option.

3. Click on Invite Button and get your Referral link on the next page.

4. Once you have earned atleast 800 Credits > Redeem it from Gift Cards Option.

Gift Card :-
800 Credits = 10$ Amazon or Paypal Gift Voucher (Rs.650) 

So try this now, you are getting Rs 650 by just asking 13-14 friends to signup using link. Isn't it great? You friends don't have to waste any data on downloading apps. This is very simple way to make money online. 

Share this post out on Fb or wherever you would. Keep visiting us for such offers. Don't forget to download our App to get instant notifications. 
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