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(1st&2nd Dec) Amazon Super Value Bazaar : Get Gift Cards Upto Rs 750 On Purchases

Amazon is having Super Value Days every month and now they are back again with same offer for the month of November. Buy shop for Rs 1000/2000/3000 from Amazon.in Value Bazaar, then you will surely get Rs 250/500/750 as Amazon.in gift card in return. So do your shopping for the December month at great discounts now.

Rs 1000 Shopping – Rs 250 Amazon gift card
Rs 2000 Shopping – Rs 500 Amazon gift card
Rs 3000 Shopping – Rs 750 Amazon gift card

How To Grab Amazon Super Value Bazaar

2. Now add products from this page only to cart. Make sure that you don’t add products from other page than this value bazaar.

3. You will get amazon gift cards as per following slabs –

Rs 1000 worth items – Rs 250 Amazon Gift card
Rs 2000 worth items – Rs 500 Amazon Gift card
Rs 3000 worth items – Rs 750 Amazon Gift card

4. Now login/register with Amazon Account.
5. Enter your address.

6. Complete the payment and Place the order.

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