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(1st On Net) Cash On Free Recharge App Unlimited Recharge Trick (No Root)

I have already introduced Cash On Free Recharge app to you. And I can say that it is one of the best Free Recharge app which pays incredibly. I have been using this app from long time and have successfully accumulated more than Rs100 through the app offers and referral scheme on my  2 Phones. 

Today I'm glad to introduce omkartech exclusive and 1st On Net Cash On app trick. 
This trick is founded by me and its so easy to use.
This trick is very simple. You need a Unlimited WiFi connection to get most of it. Important thing is that you don't need a Rooted Phone at all. 

It has very high paying offers.It also has good support system to solve your all queries.

So How To Get Free Recharge:

1. Download the Cash On from here.

2. Open the app and verify your phone number using OTP.

3. After verifying you will get to offer page.

Cash On Unlimited Trick :

1. Go to offer page and look for offer like,
Install a app to get Rs x and Keep it for 10 or 30 days to get Rs x.

2. Now install any such offer. e.g. Choose offer Zopper app. Install and open it then you will get Rs 3 for app download.

3. Now goto Menu>>Wallet History>>Pending Offers. You will see that credits for Zooper app for keeping it are pending. You will also see day count is 10. Close the app.

Now before you go ahed please do click on any ad on my site to give me something in return for this trick. 

4. Just go to Date settings And change it maually to get app keeping credits. Means if offer says keep the app for 10 days then change date 11-15 days ahed of current date. Same for the offer of 30days change the month directly.

5. Open the Cash On app again and go to wallet history. If you will see the day count is zero then browse the app for some time and close.

6. Change the date again to its original. Open the app, You will see that credits has been added for app keeping.

7. Do the same for other Offers like this. And Earn as higher as possible. 

Share this awesome trick with your friends. And comment below if you facd any query. 


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