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(Updated) Fantastic Recharge App : Click on 5 Ads and Get Rs 10 Recharge Daily

Today we have come with another amazing offer which you have never seen before. We all know that getting Free Recharge is so easier now days with tons of Free Recharge Apps. Though such Apps takes lot of our pensions and data to get some  small Recharges.
But today we are presenting a App which is exception to that and it has very unique way of getting Free Recharges And Bank Transfer.
Fantastic Recharge App is the New Free Recharge App which pays for Clicking on Ads only. Great feature is that you can click on 5 Ads a Day and Get Rs 10 Recharge everyday. It is same like Balboa App which is no longer paying great to us but this app will do that work for sure at now!!

Update : Please keep in mind that this app will pay when you will successfully click on atleast 2 Ads daily. After 2 clicks you will directly see Rs 4 Credited. This app Ad Response is slow, So keep the Ad page open for more than 1½ minute and get back to app. If you don't get ad click successful don't disappoint and keep trying. The Recharge servers are working pretty well as of Now. 

So go through the detail processdure below and under stand each and every step.

How To Get Free Recharge Of Rs 10 Everyday :

2. Open the App and Click on Create New Account.

3. Now put Below details :
Referral Code : 7743878934
Your Email :
Your Phone Number :

4. Just verify your Number with OTP.

5. After that you will get Registration form. Fill your detail like name,State,City etc and finally set password and you are Done!!

6. Now you will be on Home Page. On Home Page you will see different Ads.

7. On Home page you will see no such tasks but you will see lots of ads. And we have to just deal with them to get Recharge to get Recharge.

8. There are two Types ads, 1 which are small bars and one which pops onto your screen. 

9. Now you have to click on any ad. Ads can be of webpage or Play store App page. Now do below things to get ad click successful.
A) If you click on Webpage Ad make sure that you visit that Ad Webpage and Spend at least 10 seconds on Page and Return Back to App.
B) Also if you click on App Ad make sure you visit Play store and Click on Download button and download it half and cancel it. But don't download. Also spent at least 10-15 Seconds there then return.

NOTE : You will not get any successful click msg in the app as of now. So you have to manually check your points by clicking on Refresh Button at Top Right Corner.

9. For each successful click you will get 2 Points. And after 5 Clicks you will get 10 Points. 10 Points=Rs 10

10. You can get paid for 5 Clicks per day.

How To Redeem :

1. After getting minimum 10 Points goto Recharge Option.

2. Select Operator and Put Amount Rs 10 and proceed.

3. You will get Recharge within few minutes. See below Proof for more.

So this is very unique and cool offer which you have not seen before. Give a Try and you will like it. If you have any query ask me in comments.
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Proof :
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