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(Proof Added) Pretty Joy App : Click On Ads and Get Free Recharge + Bank Transfer

Hey Friends,
Today we are introducing another Free Recharge app which so far seemed great to us  and working very fine. This App follows the way as we seen in Balboa app. Click on Ads and Get Free Recharge Daily.

Pretty Joy is the New Free Recharge app  which pays for Clicking on Ads. Trust us this App is so ahead and easy as compared to Balboa App. And you can earn more than Rs 10 per day through this without Referring any body and without downloading useless Apps. You can save your lots of Data..
This App provides faster Response to Ad Clicks and Credit the amount within 2-3 seconds. 

  • App Features : 
  • 1. Earn more then Rs 10 Per Day. 
  • 2. Recharge any number. 
  • 3. Simple and informative UI. 
  • 4. What's App and Email support coming soon.
  • 5. The App has Hindi Language Interface.
Note : 100 Poinsts : Rs 1. And Video Tutorial is added at the end of the post. 

How To Earn From Pretty Joy App :

2. Open the app now.  Now enter your name, Email and Referral Code. (No Verification)

Referral Code : 7743878934

3. Now,  Earning through App is very easy. Just click on ads and get paid for click withing 1 second. Just click and come back instantly, Damn Easy.

4. Now there are many ways to earn in this app. Please follow below detailed guide. We have spent lot of time writing this.

A) Rate And Earn 200 Points :
In app menu you will find Rate The App option. Click on it and you will be redirected to play store. Don't Rate now just come back to App, You will see 200 points credited.

B) Click Offers :
In click offers you will find 5 Ads in total. For each ad click you will get 50 Points and in total you will earn 250 Points each day. 250 Points = Rs 2.50

C) View Offers :
In view offers you will find 5 Ads in total. You don't have to click on Ad just see it. For each ad view you will get 10 points and you can view each ad for 5 times. So in total you will earn 250 points.
D) Click Banner Offers :
This is similar to Click Offer. You can click on 5 banner ads and get 50 Points for each click. In total you will get 250 Points again.

E) Earn More :
Now there is option earn more. This method is little bit different. You will promoted to download 2 apps from the same developer and this app will use same Little Manias account. These 2 Apps will be similar to Pretty Joy.
But, In Make Joy App you will get 5 Click, Banner and View ads with same earning value.
Where as in Sweet Joy app you will get 3 Click, Banner and View Ads with same Earning value.

F) Invite And Earn
This app has very interesting and good Invite And Earn Campaign. Little Manias provide Referral upto 5 Levels and You will earn Handsome commission on Each level which is way better than Balboa App.

How To Recharge :

1. At now for the Recharge you need Minimum 5000 Points which is equal to Rs 50.
2. You can accumulate Rs 50 within 2-3 Days.
3. You can Recharge any Number and Recharge will be done within 24 Hrs once you placed Recharge Request.
4. I will add the Recharge Proof soon.
5. You can also Transfer your Earnings to bank account once it reaches Rs 1000 or 100000 Points.

So, This is the Complete procedure to Earn Free Recharge and Bank Transfer using Pretty Joy App. We hope you will try this out. If you have any query about this app you can reach app support though the apo or also contact the developer on Whatsapp.

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Proof :
We got the Recharge within 3hrs.

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