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(Expired) Free Mobile Recharge App Unlimited Earning Trick

Free Mobile Recharge App Unlimited Trick 

Hey Friends, it is loot time. We have again come with our 1st On Net Execlusive Unlimited Free Recharge Trick. This time we are giving You the chance to Loot Unlimited Free Recharge using A New Free Recharge App called as Free Mobile Recharge App.

The "Free Mobile Recharge App" is giving Rs 12 Per Referral. And the Greatest thing is that you don't need to Download any app and also don't need to Verify Your Phone Number. This app configures your account with Gmail.
Update : 
1. We got our Recharge through this App within 24 Hrs. 
2. Due to Huge Traffic on App servers, The app is not responding well. Your Referral amount will get Some time to get Credited. Also you will see your Earnings as R 0.10 sometimes. So don't panic, Just close the app and try. 
So let's get started. We have decided the Trick in Two Parts. And one thing only For Rooted Users.

Part 1:

How To Get Started :

2. Open the app now. Voila!! Your Account is Created.

3. Swipe to Open left menu and you will see your Earnings.

4. From menu goto Refer And Earn Section and Get you Referral Link.

5. Backup the App using Titanium Backup Now. Or Try Unlimited Trick on other device.

Part 2 :

Execlusive Unlimited Trick :

2. Enable it in Xposed Module option.

3. Now get your Referral Link of Free Mobile Recharge app and Uninstall it.

4. Let's Open Device Emulator app and Randomize the Following Values. See Screenshot for more. Click on tick and go back to apply values. (No Reboot Needed)

A. Imei Number
B. Android Id
C. Advertising Id

5. Now you have to also change the email for Free Mobile Recharge App because this app automatically fetches our Gmail and create our Account.

6. Goto bottom of Device Emulator app and you will see Google Email option.

7. Click on Edit option and put Package Name as Following and Also set you favorite or random gmail address. Click on Tick after setting things.

Email : Xyz@gmail.com

Package Name :


8. That's it!!  Your done. Now quickly download app from your Referral link. Just open your app and verify that your acc is created using gmail that you have set in Device Emulator.

9. Now Uninstall app and Restore the Backup from Titanium Backup App.

Note : If you don't have titanium backup app. Just clear the app data and disable all the settings in Device Emulator App. After that open app to access your Account.

10. After getting Credits, Repeat the same Process. Uninstall, Randomize the Above mentioned Values, Reinstall & Sign Up.
Hope you will like it!!

SEE Proof below.

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Proof :

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