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(Restock Time Added) Gokano : Get Prizes Like Pendrives, Watches, iPhones etc for Free

Gokano August 17 Restock Time 

Hey Friends, I know you all love Freebies and why should not? So this is something special from OmkarTech to let you earn more and more Freebies. You don't need to do any hardwork to get them, just easy tasks to do straightway. 
Gokano : Collect Points, Win Prizes 

Today we are Introducing A Freebies Website called Gokano. Gokano is well known and trusted site which delivers Free Gifts across the world. It will offer you  gifts from Pendrives to iPhones. In simple way on Gokano you have to earn some points and redeem them against Cool Prizes.

Prizes aren't always available, you need to wait for the restocks to order them! Next Restock is on 17th August 2016


Gokano always announces tha date of restocks, so you know when you'll be able to order your prize. The next restock will be on August 17th ,2016!

NEXT RESTOCK: 17th August, 2016
(New and 100% Correct Restock Time Added) 
How To Get August 17 Restock Time For Free:

1. Click on below Link To Download August 17 Restock Time.

Click Here To Download Gokano August 17 Restock Time

Share this Link With Your Friends And Enjoy..

Please Note Check new Official and Correct Time which is purchased by us. Please convert it to your time zone. We have added 2 different times this time. Make sure to chk both. 

Try this at your own risk. Last time the restock provided by us i.e July 5th restock was 200% correct!! 

How To Earn Points In Gokano:

1. 1st of all Open Gokano Website by clicking here

(This Link will Open in New Tab)

2. Now just do sign up by entering your Name, Password, Email , Birth Date, Phone Number, Zip code etc. And register your account for free.

It is recommended to do sign up process on PC. 

[Note : You will face difficulty when trying to solve visual captcha. So just choose audio captcha by clicking Headphone Icon on the bottom of captcha screen. Listen to the numbes from audio and enter them]

3. Open your email account and verify it.
[Note : They will send a mail for verification purpose. Phone verification will not happen.]

4. Now log in to your GOKANO Account .

5. You can earn GOKANO POINTS in 3 ways.


B) CLICK ON " MISSIONS " AND COMPLETE IT. IT IS VERY SIMPLE.(missons are be like Choose Between Whatsapp and Viber. You will get 1 point for any answer.)


6. You will get 1 Point for each referral. For 30 Successful Referrals you will be prompted to Gold Member. The advantage of being Gold member is that you will get 2 Points for each Task. And also you will get free t-shirt. 

How To Redeem Freebies In Gokano :

1. Click on the  Prizes which is placed on above on your Gokano Dashboard.

2. You will see 3 Different Categories for Prizes. A. Gadgets B. Electronics and C. Accessories.

3. Choose your favorite category to see list of prizes. Pick your favorite one and redeem it.
Gokano Prizes gets out of stock very quickly. Gokano make the restock every month for only one time. It also tells you when the restock of prizes is going to happen in advance on its dashboard section. So everytime Mark the Restock date and pick up your Freebies as fast as possible. And in meantime keep collecting the points to redeem in next month. It's Easy!!!
Share thia awesome winning post with you friends and family over Fb, Google +, Twitter. Let the fun begins.

See the proof at the bottom of this thread
During restocks, the available prizes will show a green gift icon and a green bar under them.
Here's a screenshot of the order form: Name, Surname and Mobile are automatically filled in, you need to enter the rest of the data, solve the captcha and then click "Order prize now"! 


Shipping :-
Gokano is based in Poland (Europe) but they ship prizes to any country worldwide completely for free!
Prizes are shipped within 28 working days from order's date.

Sony In-ear Headphones
Points used: 60 GN

Value is $19.99 (source: Sony website)

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